Vacation : Day One

August 25, 2007

As the nature of this trip, we decided to reverse the flow and go to Myrtle Beach first. Nice trip down I-20, ate lunch at a rest stop but the longest haul was once you got off I-95 and onto the highway going toward the beach. Maybe it was just the anticipation, we just couldn’t wait.

We didn’t have a place to stay, so we kept driving along Ocean Blvd until we found something nice. At this little curve of the Blvd, with a beautiful view of the beach, we found this little place with a 3 night deal. Stopped off and got the price and decided to make this our 1st stop. For what we would normally pay for a couple of evenings, we got a night free plus a good sized kitchen. Now, growing up, this place would have been a last stop, but it’s nice and quiet, just a little behind the times, but the folks are very nice.

We ventured out to the beach once we got everything in and almost immediately the day hit us and we were dog tired. Came back, took a nap and drove around looking for a spot to eat. Found a seafood buffet, over-priced imho, but wasn’t bad. Some rude-ass people behind us but it’s ok. Came back to Cherry Tree and walked by the ocean at night and played a little game with the high tide.

As we sat watching these waves coming in, we thought about what it was like to look back across the Atlantic Ocean, knowing that your birthplace was months and thousands of miles away. Imaging what our ancestors thought as they landed on a foreign beach, no shelter, just for a new start. Then we thought about how beautiful and scary it must have been to only have this water illuminated against the moon.