I feel ready

September 11, 2007

Hard to describe but I feel “ready” again. Ready to keep blogs, ready to tackle the web and to make something out of some of these ideas.

As much as I hate this type of meta-blogging, I felt I should jot this down as a reminder of this point in time. You really never know how stressed and worked you are until you slow down and just do something different (like a vacation). I love my job, I’m doing what I love to do. But with every job and everyone’s life, you have stresses and things you’d like to change and folks….I’m at that point.

I haven’t been in this mindset since my time back at Erlanger (circa 2002-2004) when I was completely engrossed in blogs and just doing something different. I’m doing that again but feel I’m connected with people who have similar mindsets, locally, and who all have can-do attitudes instead of the “what?” attitudes I dealt with for years.