DNA could clear 'Satanic' triple murder teenagers

December 1, 2007

DNA could clear ‘Satanic’ triple murder teenagers

“Now evidence, including DNA samples, has emerged to suggest the real killers are still at large and that three innocent men have been behind bars for almost 15 years. ‘No reasonable juror would convict… knowing what we know today,’ said defence lawyer Dennis Riordan.”

I’ve been following the West Memphis Three case since the original movie came out and I don’t know how I missed this. My Mom and I were both shocked and even had a couple of books on the case and each time, we would go back to “this could have easily been friends of mine”.

I knew people like Damien….I’ve known enough Pagans or Wiccans and pagany-type of people where the lack of understanding could condem people for life…and in his case, it has.

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