December 8, 2007

Wow, where to start. First of all, Main and Mocha….awesome. Very awesome. Blue Orleans…..hmmm….bad service, rude, eh food, did I mention rude? Won’t be back.

Our “gig” at Blue Orleans was roughly less than 30 minutes, we were cut-off. Management seemed like they had no clue about MainX24 and we were basically told, “we didn’t book you”….felt like we were having one of those Blues Brothers moments . My Mom, my wife and a few others ate some food there and (it seemed) because they were with us, they got shit service….We threw down money to eat and support a new local place, but they seemed like they weren’t willing to support their new community. Kinda soured my mood, so I’m missing the parties. (trust me, grumpy Mike is not fun)

J&J did an awesome job of booking bands and keeping shit straight. I’ll play anywhere J&J will book us but I will not set foot in Blue Orleans ever again and will tell everyone I know about the treatment.