January 18, 2008

  • That orange was killing me, I dig the brown much more. I have a couple of ideas in Photoshop currently but nothing ready for the public.
  • I’ve restarted my little link blog, link bloggy blog, and it should be setup to appear daily on this blog, which is of its’ self, a link blog.
  • I’m looking at possibly adding my Twitter feed back, but I really don’t want to add my @ comments.
  • If you do follow my Twitter , you would have seen that I spent about 12 hours in the hospital , caring for my wife this week. All total, I was up 26 hours that day. She’s much better but the experience really made me see how bad health care has become..in just a short amount of time. Insurance had nothing to do with it, jackass doctors did.
  • I posted a few posts ago{.liinternal} about about a problem I had with a car. $750+ because GM will not (in the usa) admit they have a bad problem.
  • Other than that, work is going well. I finally have a full team and we have a lot of projects coming up. Should be a fun year.