Here I Am, Where I Stand

March 1, 2008

I can usually tell how busy and stressful my week has been, by looking at hands and seeing how beaten up they are. Hangnails, bitten nails, etc. This week, the main priority was the completion of a project to get an old intranet, about to be mothballed, back into a production-ready site. We had to retrofit things like doctypes, remove old FrontPage code, add new headers, and update old asp apps. A lot could have gone wrong and could have really pissed off a few thousand employees and the management of said-employees. But it launched, but it’s been a few long weeks.

I also have another production site going out next week and I really need to get a few things tweaked…Firefox compatibility for one. Hopefully Monday, I can get it tweaked. We’re also working on another site, it’s taking a table-based layout, tweaking it to CSS, and adding it to our content management system. I’ve been swamped, so it’s been the first tableless project by one of my programmers. Good questions in the development. But it’s sometimes hard to have someone else code and just “manage” on the sidelines.

In the middle of all of this, I’m also trying to start a new community organization for musicians and promotion of our music. It’s coming ‘round, I’m applying for grants but it’s been a busy week to even get much on that. Not to mention, on top of work/work, this community project, and some paperwork for work/work we’re planning some gigs for Gypsy Muse.  

So that’s it. That’s where I current stand.