Joint Ventures

March 8, 2008

In the wonderful world of the web, we sometimes get to meet people in real life, for whom we only know virtually. I’ve been fortunate to meet some of you in the analog world and we’ve formed little connections along the way. I’m very weary with whom I do business with but really jumped at the chance to ask Coptix to do some work for a small co. at the big co.

I’ve “known” Josiah for years through blogging. We met a few years back and I always watched what Coptix was doing. It was at my boss’ suggestion to look at what Coptix could do for us. We brought them in, gave them a very tight deadline, and set them on their merry way. Of course, with any project you have some pitfalls and they actually went above and beyond when the client (me) threw monkey wrenches into the plan.

So this is a short post to give them a good recommendation as well as to introduce our latest site: Volunteer State Health Plan .

Coptix did the majority of the work; from interviews, brand development and design while I did the final build-out of the html and css, along with CMS integration. I wish, and this is the project manager’s regret, that we could have used their original designs . Very tasteful, fresh, and refined. They were a joy to work with and look forward to future projects.