April 23, 2008

When I see articles like this one, I realize how humble and appreciative one should be. Had a discussion with a co-worker about giving back to people. He mentioned how he was upper income in relation to his neighbors and felt like he should give back. It led me back to a discussion about the Georgia county where I was born and raised. A few years back, I worked with a lot of demographic data and starting working on income levels. Here I was, mid-20’s and made more than the average resident of Walker County. I felt humble immediately.

Because who am I? Really, I build websites and work with people. I’m not special. I do work hard but it’s not like I’m working in a mill or outdoors all day. I sit in an air conditioned townhouse on a comfy couch. I don’t live above my means but I sure have a better life than a lot of people. I know I make more than most public school teachers and here I am without a college degree and a horrible hatred of algebra. So what can I do to give back?