What is funny?

June 16, 2008

I wrote this in 2005 and for some reason, never hit publish….

Who are some comedians you like? If the first thought in your head was Adam Sandler, then this isn’t for you. Bob Newhart, Richard Pryor (RIP), were two names I heard on the radio the other day on my drive into work. The morning show on 99x were talking about pryor, and one of the guys on there said “he didn’t think rp was funny”…he went on to even talk about how john belushi wasn’t. Seriously, how can you look at comedy today and even the rise of the brick wall comedians in the 90’s, and not even appreciate rp? eddie murphy, chris rock, hell even dice and kinnison….all dug pryor. Richard Lewis and Richard Belzer even were fans.

I grew up watching comedy, studying comedy, and just digging what people were doing. I looked to comedians like rock stars. I could remember the smallest bit from the 1/2 hour comedy hour. I just think that a lot of “funny” people don’t even know what’s funny. I got where I could appreciate newhart, rp, kinison, everyone I listed above. I even remember some of rick (married a millionare)’s schtick.

unfortunately, we’re dealing with jimmy falon, adam sandler and the bullshit that is snl…inflicting their misery upon comedy. tina fey is one of the funnier people alive and I’m glad she got off there. SNL is the McDonald’s of comedy. I just want to sit people down with a nice tape of Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, good Billy Murray bits, old Chevy Chase bits., Sam Kinison, Milton Berle, etc…hell even old Cosby. Just to show them that *this* is funny.