Gig Notes : nothing & the nobodies 7/4/08

July 5, 2008


no nuts, originally uploaded by iomike.</div>

Last night, I played my first gig with Nothing & The Nobodies. We’re probably more in the vein of a jam band than a typical rock band. Lots of classic rock stuff, etc. Played as a three piece w/ two people I’ve been in bands with for almost half of my life.

Now, as a drummer, I’m not really a “basher”. I play in a jazzy traditional grip, sometimes play fairly quiet in my other band Gypsy Muse, etc. Last night, I literally beat the nuts off a new snare drum. Never had that happen before. Testing out a prototype fiberglass snare, and yep when I picked it up after the gig, heard ’em rattling around.

As far as gig notes, I tried out the snare and a new 22″ ride cymbal that I’ve been “aging” for a couple of weeks. The “aging” process is to speed up adding patina to the b20 bronze cymbal. This one is a bit too heavy and will be replaced by the thinner 24″ Paiste prototype.

I’m not gonna use that snare in this context again. I’ll stick w/ what I normally use. This one has always been a tricky snare: loud as metal but with a similar attack as a wood snare. It’s not a favorite.