Where Am I Creative?

July 31, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, I started taking a serious look at ways to be creative or to hone/redevelop my skills. I’ve been good on the music scene, playing in bands which draw the best from me and keep my blood ‘a moving. On everything else, I’ve been lacking and that’s where I’m going to build from.

The Chattarati project is where I want to give a lot more creativity towards but my writing concepts are still undeveloped and I’ve hit a bit of a wall-slash-block about new ideas. I use to be able to pound out a creative in just a few minutes. The brain was moving, but I also had a lot of undisturbed time to create. Now, not so much. Lots at work, lots of distractions, lots going on in life.

At home, I’m always a big fan of laptops. I’ve had over a dozen in my 14 years of owning computers. I like the ability to surf or write from a couch or outdoors but recently, I just found I’m unable to get anything done. I’ve started looking back at where I use to write/design/etc and really miss the concept of a “monk’s cell”…where you have a quiet, neutral place to create. I stole the idea from Jerry Pournelle.

Ziggy Twittering{.liimagelink}I said all of that to say that I’m contemplating getting another desktop computer (iMac). I do well in quiet places, I can zone-in and write, make pretty pictures or music. I have the right spot and believe I just need something simple. I’m being honest, when I say the laptop became my TV and a major time-suck.

Along with that kinda geeky way, I’m also trying to take photos daily. I find that photography is a great way to spark some ideas and to exercise my brain. Makes me analyze a scene and find different ways to capture an image or a texture or just a moment.