Home at last

September 7, 2008

So, if you’ve been following me on Twitter , you might caught on that I’ve been moving into a house. This is my & my wife’s first house in our 7.5 years of marriage, and it’s one we’re gonna call our own.

As we thought, it was our easiest moves between the apartments and our townhouse. First off, it’s nice not having two levels. Plus, we really don’t have a lot of large things. In looking in our “triage” today, I think it really set in that we have a lot of junk….stuff we won’t miss.

In the move from our two bedroom 1st place, to our one bedroom 2nd place, we both sold, trashed, etc lots of furniture, drums, or for a lesser term: “crap”. We didn’t really accumulate much more, we trashed and replaced couches and beds, but we never really had a lot of room either way.

Saturday was the real test. Long day, two people moving all of their stuff, largest truck I’ve ever driven and just a really tiring day. Sometimes, we pushed each other when we were ready to quit, but it was a real joy and real work and it was much much later when the brevity of the situation happened. I sat on my couch and looked around the room and it really hit me, “this is our place”. I will admit, the last thing we unloaded was my bike and even though I was very tired, I took a victory lap around the property. I wish I had some photos so I can show that even though we were sweaty, tired and bruised, we were smiling.

So today, Sunday, we’re unpacking boxes, hooking up electronics and just…well, moving in. We still have a couple of rooms to deal with and trying to figure out how to get our cats better acclimated to the situation. We did get to sleep in, 9, and it was just nice waking up to our trees and grass and seeing the sun peak through the windows.