A New (May) Day

May 1, 2009

**The original mkelley.net lasted from 2000 until October 2005 and a few different variations on different sites until I decided to merge everything together and relaunch the site you see today.

Merging 5 years (1,300 posts) from Movable Type and then another 1,400 posts from other MT, WordPress & Tumblr sites was quite a feat but it’s well worth having 9 years of blogging in one location (I did something similar back in 2002, combining handcoded, Blogger and ancient blog system formats). It was an occasionally odd project, where I wound up reading some really stupid shit from 7 years ago. At times, it was also emotional because I put so much into those first few years and so much happened from 2000 until 2002 (major illness, moving, 9/11, marriage, being laid-off, etc).

My main goal for having a site to begin with, was to archive my life for not only myself but to my family. I gave up hope for a few months, where I thought I lost all copies of these early databases. But a last minute discovery put this project back on track and ultimately met my goals.

I normally do not like website welcome messages, but Welcome Back to mkelley.net!