December 19, 2009

I’m not really sure where to start. Originally, I started going back to a Doctor in late October, with the hopes of getting my thyroid and diabetes back on track. I wanted to feel better, but honestly, I was tired of being sick. I had planned on writing the progression up on a blog, talking about this “reboot”. I was eating better, watching blood sugar, and taking medicine for my illnesses. I made an honest effort. What I didn’t know was, that a month later, I would be at the beginning of complications and what has been a helluva way to end 2009.

Ok, my adventure started in late October. Went back to the Doctor to get my hypothyroid and type II diabetes back under control as well as treat this baseball-sized abscess that was under my left armpit. Not fun, white blood cell count out of control, but at least it was identified and we were taking care of the issue. But this meant, not using some of that arm for a while (drummer here).

So while that arm was on the d/l . I went back to working at home, did some yard work and unbeknown to me, I wound up tearing my “good” right arm’s tricep. While the left was healing, I started to notice less strength and more pain by the course of a week. I never felt pain until a week or so later. The torn tricep created a huge hematoma at the spot which kept growing. As this was happening, my body started to also kinda freak out, and sent my blood sugar a little higher than normal.

Being someone who uses their hands in their work and hobbies (drumming/cooking), I really wanted to get that arm fixed. After getting an ultrasound, getting everything identified, it just didn’t get better. The last thing was getting a CAT scan of the arm, and here’s where things started to go downhill. What I didn’t know, was that my body was starting to go through diabetic ketoacidosis . I knew I didn’t feel good, was in a daze, but didn’t know that about 8 hours after I started feeling like this, I would lose a day and a half of my life.

I remember sitting on my couch, talking with my wife while trying to breath. I had problems that day, but was so zonked out that I thought nothing about it. The last thing I remember was getting up, getting my sweater on and getting my shoes on. Apparently, I still made it to the car and to the ER, but I remembered nothing until I woke up the next day (Thanksgiving, btw), sitting in another CAT or MRI box. Then I really woke up and was in the ICU at Hutcheson Medical Center. (part 2 will be up soon)