Reboot Part 2: ICU

December 26, 2009

When you’re in the ICU and/or been in a coma for any amount of time, you have a tendency to lose any perception of dates and times.  I’d wake up, see someone and it would be 2am. Other times, since I didn’t have a clock or windows, you had no idea it would be sunny. This really screws with your sleep patterns once you get back on track.

Food was also a weird thing, because some of it was  not something you would expect in ICU. Would anyone like to guess what meal I was served 1st? Now keep in mind, I’m a diabetic in a hospital bed with the use of one arm. The 1st meal, was a huge and I mean GIANT plate of spaghetti. This isn’t something I normally eat even out in the healthy world, let along as my first meal from waking up out of a coma. The 2nd meal, was just a perplexing: hamburger and tater tots. Again, these where heavy meals. So I really didn’t feel like eating….where then I started getting questions from my Doctors as to why I didn’t have an appetite. As I experienced different hospitals this month, I can say that no meal planning went on at Hutcheson.

So while my right arm was out of commission, my left arm became a pin cushion for all of the lab work. Taped  up with painful 3m tape and multiple attempts at finding veins, I had more issues with pain than anything else, including my torn muscle. But I was just as happy as they pulled that tape off, as when someone would visit.

Visitors were interesting too. Had a few people drop by, some I hadn’t seen in years and only through Facebook. I worked at Hutcheson for years and it was awesome that these people would come by and just wish me well. We also dealt with issues of too many people in my f-ing room. But I’m not sure I really want to address that here.

So after a few days of getting my diabetes normalized, next we were talking about going to a private room. Notice I mentioned diabetes and not my bad arm (more on that later). So, I had to prove I should go to a room. That meant getting out of bed, walking with a Physical Therapist, and making sure I didn’t bust a hip. That meant having bowel movements and going to the toilet by myself or with someone assisting me with disconnecting cables, etc. It also meant hearing speeches by my three doctors, which were completely off base….appetite, managing diabetes, and taking care of yourself.

After one of the Doctors signed the papers, we were off to a private room….